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  • Optimize your organization's workforce.
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Who can use workXid?

  • Any industry sector can introduce the workXid ®.
  • Any Organization, Association, Union, Government Agency or Large Employer.
  • Organizations of any size can benefit from the use of our services.
  • Any Team size from 3 to 3000+.

What is workXid?

  • workXid is a tool that helps organizations keep a centralized record of job titles and employee training and certifications.
  • Standardize occupations and training certification records.
  • Promote validated industry skill standards and integrity.
  • Reduces time and money when onboarding workers while.

Why do I need workXid?

  • Managing Skill Compliance does - does your worker have the skills to perform the job.
  • Maintaining and validate workforce skills and training certifications.
  • Automate workforce notifications of expiring certificates.
  • Automating worker check-in attendance and screening.

Optimized Process Integration

Simplify workflow management

Workforce Skills

Promotes lifelong learning and recognition of workers' skills and qualifications. Information is validated and updated constantly.

Workforce Mobility

Facilitates worker mobility. Efficient processing of workers. Know what workers, companies and trades are on the job site.

Workplace Safety

Supports safety orientation session due diligence requirement. Less time spent training workers with validated orientation credentials.

Worker Efficiencies

Avoids unnecessary and costly duplication when processing repeat workers. All information on one card.

What Makes workXid Unique?

Providing new features for ease of accessibility.

Industry Identification

Easily incorporate industry skills certification on your job site. Issue authenticated organization photo ID cards to your workforce. These badges act as smart IDs for every worker on your projects, tracking attendance and ensuring that all entrance requirements are being met.

Employee Onboarding and Training

Automate your onboarding process through our training module. Build and track digital orientations to ensure all new workers are trained. Organizations can issue and validate their own orientation and internal training programs. workXid customers spend 50% less time onboarding new employees*

Certificate Management

Ensure a 100% qualified workforce with certification-based access requirements. Validate employee skills accreditations and required training certificates. Automatic notification of expiring certifications. Full analytics of your workforce credentials. Generate Certificate Compliance reports by an organization, location or individual employee.

Check-in and Attendance

Need to know who is at your location or site? Establish job site locations with multiple gate access points. Capture who has checked into or departed a site/gate location in real-time using our card-scanning feature. Incorporate a check-in questionnaire (i.e. COVID-19) with the OnSite workplace screening product. Monitor and reduce labour inflation by automatically monitoring/ screening and logging worker hours.

Team Collaboration

Organizations are provided with private news and messaging channels to communicate confidentially to workers effectively. One-to-one personal text messaging supporting file attachments and short video messages.

Emergency Medical Profile (EMP)

The EMP is a member-optional feature to support personal emergency medical record details. The file remains locked and encrypted until an individual medical event is declared.

Privacy and Security

Uniquely combining the latest technology, data is secured on servers that meet your country's privacy legislation. Each member/organization can only view and manage their specific work zone data. Individual members retain complete control of their profiles and records. Employees can even update their records on the web or mobile device ensuring their information is always up-to-date.

Coming Soon

Safety Briefings - schedule and maintain proof of worker attendance at toolbox talks related to the job, such as work hazards, safety practices and equipment operation.
Supervisor Digital Logbook - increase organization efficiency, communication, accountability, and safety practices on the job.

workXid's Innovative products help the workforce be productive.

  • Automating workflows, and providing real-time data and insights
  • Feature-rich functionalities to meet the needs of modern workplaces
  • Tailored to meet the needs of modern workplaces

workXid's Effective solutions are designed with your industry needs in mind.

  • Committed to providing the best possible experience
  • Solutions are innovative, reliable, and secure
  • An invaluable asset to your business operations

workXid Provides Productivity Reporting

workXid provides many standard reports to allow an organization to actively manage their workforce. Access up-to-date worker skills inventory, training history, attendance, custom reports and many more...

Detailed Insights

Access to detailed worker insights and events

Digital System Insights

Organization analytical insights and reporting

Real Time

Real-time event visibility across the project

Trusted By Business

Collaboration of industry practices, worker identification, and skills management.

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