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Smooth and Easy Employee Onboarding

Upload your documents, add details and manage a paper-free onboarding process. You can also send in a welcome kit to your employee for a smoother transition.

Know Who Is On Your Worksite

Don’t miss out on anything important with push notifications available for your screen. Receive emails of your employee’s task updates.

A Single View For All The On-going Tasks

With a central access level and thorough connectivity through a panoramic project view, it becomes easy to see what everyone is working on.

Features workXid Provide

workXid workflow with ease understanding

Changing the way certifications are managed and shared.

  • A safety-centric business solution
  • Increased security and safety due diligence
  • Certificates administrator validated
  • Certificate fraud protected

workXid's locations are private and only available to your organization.

  • Define the boundaries and requirements for your site
  • Capture worker/visitor location during check-ins/departures
  • Real-time identification and verification of workers on-site
  • Find specific skilled workers whom have reported to your location

workXid's private messaging solution helps stay intouch with your workforce.

  • Organizations are provided with private news and messaging channels
  • One-to-one encrypted messaging with file attachments and video messages
  • Push notifications to worker registered mobile devices
  • Communicate securely and effectively with workers

workXid's training module allows organization to issue private certificates to their workforce.

  • Create custom organizational training profiles and catalog
  • Schedule, notify, and manage worker participation and attendance.
  • Issue and track private certificates (e.g., Orientations)
  • Effective tool to manage Apprentice programs in your organization

workXid's productivity reporting provides many standard reports to allow an organization to actively manage their workforce.

  • List of organization employees by occupation/trade, job title, and certificate status.
  • List of all organization job sites and other locations
  • Audited access to employee emergency medical profile (employee-controlled)
  • Employee check-ins/departures by name or location.
  • Map snapshot of checked-in workXid members by organization job site
  • List of employee certificates with issuer details and attachment access

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How WorkXid Works?

National, regional, or private work zones may be established to manage and implement a Workforce Identity Services Environment (WISE).

Any organization (Association, Company, Training Institution, or Union) can participate or setup a WISE work zone. Each member/organization can only view and manage their specific work zone data.

We support two primary implementation models:

1. Organization Model – This remains the recommended model for most industries. Each participating organization (contractor) remains responsible for registering and reporting employees in the workXid program under their organization within an established work zone. In addition, each organization remains accountable for the licensing of its employees.

2. Project Model – This is an alternative model where the prime project contractor performs all card registration and issuance for every worker on the project. The prime project contractor is the sole administrator for the project and manages all sub-contractors and employee identification authentication reporting to the project site. All workXid cards are licensed and issued under the prime project contractor organization.

Member profiles and the associated data remain the property of the individual member cardholder. Organizations act as custodians of that data while the cardholder is an active employee within a work zone. Each organization can assign primary and secondary administrators.

The registered organization administrator retains full custodial access to a member profile while the cardholder is employed under their organization. However, when an employee is released or joins another workXid registered organization, the previous organization access is revoked.

The workXid architecture is business rules and roles-based, providing restricted access to only the work zone data each organization role is entitled to view. For example, any news items published by a specific organization are only viewable to members that belong to that organization. An example, only active members registered with one particular local union can view news articles issued by that union organization. Any workXid member not registered under that union will not have access to that published material.

When any workXid card is presented and scanned by any organization role with scan card permission, they will be provided with temporary access to a limited view of that member's profile and skills certificate records. This limited access will remain active if the cardholder is checked into a registered organization location. However, that access is revoked once the cardholder has checked out of the organization location.

Holding a workXid card is not a legislative requirement. Therefore, it is entirely up to participating organizations whether workers are required to have a card before they are allowed on site. However, most implementing organizations require all reporting workers on their sites to hold a valid card.