Frequently Asked Questions

  • What software do I need to use workXid?

    To access the workXid system your device must have active connection to the internet and a web browser. We support all web browsers but recommend the use of Google Chrome installed on a Personal Computer, Android and/or iOS device.

    Scan/Reading workXid member cards:

    1. Use a Quick Response QR Code reader app on your Android or iOS device.  We recommend .....  QuickMark Barcode Scanner Click on link to get a free code reader.

    2. Use Near Field Communications (NFC) if supported by your Android or iOS device. Please ensure the feature is enabled under your device settings. (note: currenly Apple NFC support for NFC is imited to "read only". (Apple support is limited to devices including and after iPhone 7 with iOS ver 11 ).

    3. Use a NFC USB card reader option for Windows PC desktops. For more information please Contact us 

    4. A workXid app is available for both Android or iOS devices. Just search for workXid in your favorite app store! 

  • How does workXid work?

    Each member is provided with a virtual and/or physical photo ID card that is uniquely encoded with an encrypted token supporting both Quick Response (QR) 2D barcode and/or Near Field Communications (NFC) technologies. Member information is maintained and managed by workXid through Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) subscription. Under that service, workXid undertakes the primary role of data custodian. Members always own and retain responsibility for their records. Access is limited and provided through role-based rules.

  • What should I do if I suspect someone is using a fraudulent workXid card?

    • Follow these steps:

    • 1 - Obtain and record the members 12 digit workXid card number.

    • 2 - If the physical card is presented, then retain it if possible.

    • 3 - Make photocopies of front and back.

    • 4 - Record cardholder’s name and address.

    • 5 - Ask cardholder where they obtained the card. 

    • 6 - Call the local police and file a report.

    • 7 - Refuse cardholder access (subject to company rules).

    Forward copies of all evidence to:

    workXid Security
    9-309 75 First Street
    Orangeville, Ontario
    Canada L9W 5B6

    Labeled “FRAUDULENT CARD REPORT”  with details of the incident report number given by local police. workXid will fully support any prosecution with technical and factual evidence.

  • What Is 'SaaS' (Software as a Service)?

    'SaaS', or 'Software as a Service', describes when users 'rent' or borrow online software instead of actually purchasing and installing it on their own computers.

    It is the same situation as people using Gmail or Yahoo mail services, except that SaaS goes much further. SaaS is the foundational idea behind centralized computing: entire businesses and thousands of employees will run their computer tools as online rented products.

    All of the processing work and file saving will be done on the Internet, with users accessing their tools and files using a web browser.

  • Got a systems problem or need help? Check here first!

    Further information and help can be obtained through the contacting the  workXid Service Centre

    To check the systems status use  Systems Status 

  • I forgot my workXid password what do I do?

    You can self reset your password .....

    You simply go to the Login screen select your "Work Zone" and click on the blue Forgot Password?

    You will be asked to enter your Email address that is assocated with your account. Please note that workXid cannot recover your password. Submitting this form will trigger a request to reset your password. You will be forward an email instructing you how to reset your password.

  • What is a member PIN and why do I need it?

    PIN Verification (cardholder): Each member is provided with a unique PIN (similar to your banking/credit card PIN numbers) that may be required during change of employers.

    If the PIN number is lost or stolen, a new PIN can be generated by a member. This can be done within just a few short minutes.

    If you need to change your PIN number because it has been compromised then simply login to the desktop version of the system with your assigned user ID and password. Select My Profile. Once the your profile is presented open the Operations list and select Reset PIN. Upon that selection a new random 6 digit PIN will appear on your profile in the Pin Number field.

  • Do you support data interfaces with other systems?

    Yes, workXid supports data exchange with external systems through intellegent objects.  

    workXid can communicate with intelligent objects in two ways: sending notifications or requesting services.

    A notification is a way of communicating where a party can send a message to another party without having to identify itself and without expecting a reply back from the other party. It is entirely up to the other party to decide how to react upon receiving a notification. E-mail is a good example of a notification.

    A service is a more formal and comprehensive way of communication than a notification. A party requesting a service from another party must first identify itself to the other party, and can expect a meaningful reply back. For example, sending payment details to a payment processing system for completion and getting a payment reference number back. workXid communicates with external parties through channels. 

    If your organization requires this custom feature please contact us directly!

  • What happens when I loose connectivity with the internet?

    Most workXid features are dependent on a live connection with the internet.  This can be achieved via direct physical connection to an internet network and/or wireless connections via WiFi or Cellular Data. While connected to workXid data usage charges from your respective internet carrier account might apply.  If your internet connection drops just reconnect to the internet and logon via your workXid logon .